Trip to the foot doc (ugly foot pic warning)

4 Jun

Well saw the podiatrist today for the first time since getting diagnosed with RA. I have noticed more and more difficulty wearing closed shoes and visual deformities. My Rheum suggested I see a podiatrist and I found a really nice and knowledgeable one in my area. She took some high tech special digital X-rays which shows new erosions of my feet/ankle and worsening deformity. Just about all my toes are hammer toes and now starting to orient medially at a 90 degree angle and my great toe is starting to tilt too in the opposite direction.

She assured me that these feet will definitely need surgery to straighten my toes but wants to wait as my RA is so active right now with high inflammatory markers and she is afraid if they surgically correct the RA progress will continue on the correction. Plan is to continue with rheum to get RA more under control and in the meantime she is going to try to convince my insurance company to pay for orthotics. She warned me that unless I have diabetes the insurance company usually first denies as they do not view RA as serious of an illness. What? If I wasn’t on dmards and biologics these feet would be much worse and I’d be in a wheelchair. She told me I have one of the most aggressive courses of RA she has ever seen. I sure hope she puts that to the preauth for to the insurance company. On my feet are some makeshift •strappings• she made to serve as mini orthotics until we get the go ahead. Has anyone else with chronic conditions had a hard time getting orthotics approved?

Next week derm and dentist. Following week kidney doc and opthamologist and a DEXA scan. So glad I have doctors that recognize just how serious a diagnosis RA is and the importance of some of these speciality consultations. Below is a pic of my ugly deformed feet. I sure hope this doesn’t happen to my hands.

On a positive note I am going to try and return to work next week after being off nearly 3 months on short time disability. It’s just a trial but I hope it works out. I just want to be normal!